# Starport CLI

Starport CLI (opens new window) offers everything you need to build, test, and launch your blockchain with a decentralized worldwide community. Starport is built on top of Cosmos SDK (opens new window), the world’s most popular blockchain framework. Starport accelerates chain development by scaffolding everything you need so you can focus on business logic.

# What is Starport?

Starport is an easy-to-use CLI tool for creating and maintaining sovereign application-specific blockchains. Blockchains created with Starport use Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Starport and the Cosmos SDK modules are written in the Go programming language. The scaffolded blockchain that is created with Starport includes a command-line interface that lets you manage keys, create validators, and send tokens.

With just a few commands, you can use Starport to:

  • Create a modular blockchain written in Go
  • Scaffold modules, messages, types with CRUD operations, IBC packets, and more
  • Start a blockchain node in development with live reloading
  • Connect to other blockchains with a built-in IBC relayer
  • Use automatically generated TypeScript/Vuex clients to interact with your blockchain
  • Use the Vue.js web app template with a set of components and Vuex modules

# Install Starport

To install the starport binary in /usr/local/bin run the following command:

Copy curl https://get.starport.network/starport! | bash

# Projects using Tendermint and Cosmos SDK

Many projects already showcase the Tendermint BFT consensus engine and the Cosmos SDK. Explore the Cosmos Network Ecosystem (opens new window) to discover a wide variety of apps, blockchains, wallets, and explorers that are built in the Cosmos ecosystem.

# Projects building with Starport